Shameless season 8 release date and other info!


As it turns out, everyone that is waiting for the season 8 of the Shameless will have to wait a while longer. Sorry for the bad news fans, but that is just how it is since Showtime didn’t confirm anything yet. The only thing everyone knows is that the 8 season is starting filming, and that is thanks to Emmy Rossum, sometime this month, but as far as the definitive release date is concerned, we have nothing. Well, nothing so far.

Based on the release dates of some previous seasons it was speculated that the sequel would be coming sometime in October based on the 7th season introduction and schedule. But the fact is that seasons 1 through 6 had a premiere sometime during the second week of January and since we know that the shooting of the 8th season is just about to start the January 2018 seems a lot likely and a lot more realistic.


According to The Christian Post, the fans of the Shameless are just grateful that the story will continue at all since it had a rough patch recently when the show’s Emmy Rossum demanded increased pay. She also wanted to be compensated for all the years that William H. Macy received higher wages than she actually did. This thing had deeper roots though because the whole thing got turned into women-man thing and the actress raised a question if Macy received a lot more money just because he was a man? From there on she started to boycott the further filming until her salary demands are met.

Thankfully the entire thing got resolved and the season 8 is underway. Just what deal did Emmy receive no one knows but fans probably even do not care, it is important that they will receive another season of their bellowed TV Show. This was also confirmed by Emmy herself who took the news to Twitter and let her fans know she is continuing on the series when they start filming more episodes this month.


Since this is a go, many speculations emerged on fan pages regarding the future of the Gallaghers this season. Fans began speculating about some characters returning (Mickey, Sheila, Sean, and maybe even Jimmy) as well as raising some questions, especially regarding Fiona’s love life. As you recall she decided to take some time off from men and there is a huge debate over the rightness of the entire decision – will she make it without them or is it a huge mistake?

What exactly will the Shameless season 8 bring we will have to wait and see, possibly until October, but according to every indicator January will be the date. We will update you with new info as soon as we have it.