Shane McMahon Again Jumps Off The Hell in a Cell!


The main show of the Hell in a Cell event was a great battle between two guys that had a bone to pick with each other. Over the past couple of years, the WWE has booked a lot of HIAC matches that really didn’t need to be in this structure. They have done it just because it is the name of the PPV. But, this feud really called for it since the dispute has been top level and they needed a great way to blow it off. This was a good choice.

Both of these guys went all out. The battle outside of the ring was excellent as both wrestlers used everything that was underneath the ring in order to gain the advantage. Steel steps and everything, they gave it all. Shane McMahon went coast-to-coast and hit it on Owens, but it wasn’t enough as the battle was stopped when the referee saw Owens touch the ropes. That irritated Shane who then left the Cell, but Owens was quick to follow.


Things got really interesting when both men climbed the structure and fought at the top of the Cell. The fans were wondering whether or not somebody is going to drop the other guy from the top. It was really good. Then, Owens tried to escape, but Shane was quick to follow. As they were fighting while going down, Shane threw Owens through the table. He appeared not to be moving, and Shane looked to injure him and not just pin him for the win.

He set him up at the another table, climbed the cage yet again and looked to finish KO off for good. Sami Zayn, who came out of nowhere, moved Owens, causing Shane to again drop off the cage and miss. The moment was brutal, just like this whole match was. In the end, this is something that people will be talking about as the battle gave us a great story to follow in the next couple of weeks.