Sharks Attack a Submarine! (VIDEO)

Sharks are hands down incredible beings. We won’t mention how poorly they performed at the Super Bowl, we’ll just agree that they are awesome.

Recently there was a strange encounter between sharks and humans on the BBC’s Blue Planet II. You just have to see this. A few researchers unknowingly interrupted sharks who were having lunch in shark city.

The Blue Planet team descended to at least 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface with the aim of discovering ‘what happens to a whale carcass on the seabed.’ However, what followed next caught everyone off guard. As you can see, the video clearly shows, in the beginning, a submarine passing through a cloud of some kind and you can just tell yourself that something is not right. Moments later, sharks are swimming around a submarine in swarms.

‘Ay yi yi yi yi, that’s a big shark’ one of the members on board said.

Then things get interesting. As the group approaches a whale carcass, it is becoming clear that sharks are not there by accident. They are actually feeding on the remains.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this. This is unbelievable.’ a woman is heard saying at that moment.

And as everyone on board of the submarine watched this incredible sight, things started to turn for worse. Sharks probably felt threatened and became aggressive.

And boom, suddenly one of those huge beasts approached our fellowship on the submarine. The shark took a good look at human beings that were inside. Then a few more came closer to see this group of people for themselves. And unfortunately the sharks mistook the submarine for competition, the animals probably thought that humans were there for the food too.

So they start hitting and bashing the front of the submarine over and over again, and researchers start getting scared, and we understand them completely.

‘The submarine is very strong, but they’re so big and strong that I’m a little bit afraid,’ one man says as the shark attack ensues.

In the end, everyone was fine. Sharks probably realized that explorers weren’t there to steal their food. A happy ending to a scary story.