Shawn Michaels Helping One Major WWE Superstar

Bobby Roode has been in the world of wrestling for more than two decades. That has enabled him to become a huge star on the Indy scene and for the WWE to take him, sign him to a deal and make him the major star in the NXT. When it comes to running the brand, there aren’t many people that are better than Triple H. What he did for the career of Roode is amazing since this guy became a huge star in the company in his first night.

They gave him the perfect gimmick right away, which made him stand out among the others. When you add the perfect theme song to that, the tune which is considered to be the best theme in all the WWE and maybe in all of the wrestling, you get a bonified Superstar like Roode really is.

When he talked about the most special moments of his career, he spoke about main eventing all the Takeovers that he did as the champion. Even though he worked for many brands and he had many great matches over the course of his two-decade long career, he knows which is the biggest wrestling company in the world and where the lights are the brightest.

He has been active for a very long time, but he is still trying to learn. Shawn Michaels has been helping him with his work and he has even spoken about that.

“I had the opportunity over the last several months to sit down and be mentored by Shawn Michaels himself. So, it has been a really cool experience. Even though I’ve been in this business for almost two decades, this last year has been really gratifying. I’ve got to learn a lot and continue to learn. That’s one of the best things about being in the business is you never stop learning.”