Shawn Michaels On How Long Lesnar vs. Goldberg Should Last


Jim Ross is a guy that has been in the commentary booth in the WWE during company’s greatest run through the Attitude era. He has his podcast The Ross Report in which Shawn Michaels was the guest recently and has spoken with Ross about how long should the match between Lesnar and Goldberg last, as well as who is on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling for Shawn.

These two were also talking about part-timers having a major spot on the major card and the fact that they are usually in front of the talents that are working a full-time schedule.

According to Michaels himself, he says that he would be one of those guys that would complain about the part-timers and them taking all the top spots, but the man knows that the business is all about being a big draw and that he would be in the top spot if he were a big draw.

“The fact of the matter is this. If I could’ve filled up the building, they would have had me there, but I couldn’t, and that was a reality,” Michaels said honestly.


Shawn also stated that he understands why Goldberg came back and that he thinks that it is touching that he just wanted for his family to see him wrestle. When he was asked about how long the match should be, this is what he said.

“It is, it’s one of those, whatever the object that doesn’t move and the immovable force or however that saying goes. And I think they will, I think they’ll do their high-impact stuff, but the thing is, I think both of those guys are smart enough, they’ll get some mileage out of that and be able to tell a good story with that. I am going to say, I think with those guys, they can tell a story, I mean, you might feel that it’s too much, but I feel like 17-ish, 15 to 17,” Shawn was talking about the minutes.