She Will Father Her Own Children!

Lea Membrey, who was molested in the school by schoolmates because they thought he was attracted to the other man, visited a cryobank to leave his reproductive cells. He decided to become a woman when he was seventeen and give birth to her children using his own reproductive cells he had left when he was still a boy.

Lea Membrey, who comes from Oakland, New Zeland told Daily Mail: “At the time it was just a relief to put myself into some kind of box and be done with it. But I never really knew who I was and I didn’t understand anything about being transgender until I left high school. At a party, I just couldn’t believe it when one of these drop-dead gorgeous girls told me that she used to be male. That totally blew my mind and it was such a defining moment for me. I never thought a trans woman could look that good. I thought, ‘oh my god. This is who I am meant to be. This is what I want.”


Lea, 20, started the transformation three years ago and she gave about $5,200 so far. She increased her lips, fixed the chest area and sculptured her face with botox injections, which would fool you to think that she has never been a guy. However, before she started with hormone treatments, she visited the cryobank.

She said: “Although I don’t want children anytime soon I do want them to be naturally mine. I think it is incredible to know I can still have a baby that is half my DNA. I had to bank the reproductive cells before I started intensive hormone treatments because once you begin that your male organs eventually stop working altogether. Now, nearly two years after I started the hormones, my testosterone is undetectable – I’m at the same level as a biological woman.”

The future communicology student claims that it is completely natural to wake up after the addition of implants and she wants to continue with the surgeries that are no longer her priority. She is thrilled with her appearance, which is the most important thing.

She explained: “What’s most important for me is being able to go outside today and wholeheartedly be seen as a female. I’d rather go out of the house and look really natural and be happy knowing that I’m 100 percent female.”