Shield Reuniting On Monday Night Raw!?


Since Brock Lesnar is not going to be on the Tables Ladders and Chairs cards a couple of weeks from now, the WWE needs to find something else that is going to attract the fans to tune into the next Raw-branded pay per view. Maybe the Shield, one of the biggest factions of all time, could reunite and battle somebody at the PPV this October. Right now, the WWE is teasing it, and we got another big tease last night on Raw.

Roman Reigns has been involved with The Miz, Kurtis Axel, and Bo Dallas. During his match this week with The Miz on Monday Night Raw, Reigns was quick to take out both members of The Miztourage so he could have a fair fight with the Intercontinental Champion. Well, The Miz being the mastermind that he is, had a plan B in the form of Sheamus and Cesaro. For the second week in a row, Roman Reigns was outnumbered and taken out.


At the end of the show, we have seen him nursing his wounds backstage when Dean Ambrose came and looked at him. Just a few moments later, Seth Rollins showed up with his arms crossed and shared a look with Reigns and Ambrose. The trio was back together and the storyline of them reuniting is continuing.

First, it was Seth and Ambrose that teamed up when they needed each other. Now, Roman Reigns is the one that needs help, and we are likely going to see The Shield back together at least for one night. WWE keeps progressing this story and keeps teasing their fans. This is for sure going to make everybody tune in for the show next week.