The Shiled vs. Team Miz – TLC Predictions


TLC main event won’t have a championship match like pay per views usually do. We are going to have one champion in it, and he is going to be leading four other guys against one of the best factions that WWE has ever seen. The Shield is going to make their return on this show, and they will battle The IC Champion The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Braun Strowman, and the returning Kane. Are the Hounds of Justice going to end up on the winning side?

If we take a look at the team that The Miz is leading, we are going to see three legit stars in Braun Strowman, Cesaro, and Sheamus. The Miz, even though he is a big deal on Monday Night Raw, is that cowardly heel that wins by taking shortcuts. That is why we really can’t look at him as the legit opponent for the returning trio. Even with that being said, these five men should be able to take down The Shield.

Is that going to happen? Of course not. The company did not bring them back just to lose this match. They are going to struggle in the beginning, but some kind of disagreement on the other team is going to cause The Shield to make a comeback.

It will be very interesting to see how will Strowman be booked as he is that unstoppable force on the red brand. In our opinion, it will take all three members of the Shield to have him down. If not that, he is going to leave the fight because of some kind of an altercation with his teammates in this match.

In the end, unless this is an Elimination match, we see Roman Reigns pinning The Miz in the middle of the ring and challenging him for the IC title at the next and the last Raw branded pay per view of 2017. Maybe even at Survivor Series.