Shinsuke Nakamura Wins Royal Rumble Over Roman Reigns!

Royal Rumble weekend is over and we can now take a look at what happened and judge the WWE on whether or not they made the right decision. Something that most of the fans didn’t like about this match is the fact that WWE didn’t save it for last.

After the Royal Rumble ended, at least for men, the crowd was pretty tired and emotionally drained from what actually was the best Rumble match in at least 5 years, maybe even longer. WWE usually makes a big mistake during the Rumble and makes it hard to watch. Last night, that wasn’t the case as they booked a really good match from the top to the bottom.

We knew that Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura were the odds-on favorites to win this match. Cena was also one of the names mentioned that can possibly end up winning the match, so it was no surprise that WWE had these three in the Final Four of the Rumble. They were also joined by Finn Balor, who had a career-defining performance as he entered the match at number two and lasted for over 55 minutes before being eliminated by Cena when he already made the final four.

Nakamura was then left to fight Cena and Reigns and things didn’t really look too good for him. He came close to being eliminated twice but successfully fought off every Cena’s attempt. One Kinshasa was enough to make him the finalist in the Rumble after sending John Cena packing.

The crowd wanted him to win the match. Well, they equally didn’t want Roman to win it. In the end, the WWE made the right call here as Reigns actually put over Nakamura big time. Shinsuke eliminated Roman and booked his ticket to Wrestlemania with his first Royal Rumble win.