Shocking images – Novak Djokovic is nothing but skin and bones!

If there is one thing in which everybody agrees it is the fact that Novak Djokovic has lost too much weight and that he can’t compete in the professional tennis anymore. The fact that he just isn’t that old Nole we grew accustomed to is supported by the recent surprising elimination in the Acapulco tournament’s early stages (quarterfinal) by Nick Kyrgios who hadn’t lost a service even once – 7:6, 7:5.

The recipe that the Australian had used against former tennis player number 1 seemed to have worked. That plan consisted of extremely strong and precise services which gave Novak far too much trouble now than they ever did before. Serbian tennis player no. 1 had probably the best return on the world, which was his best weapon so far, but since he had gone through the physical change, he finds himself in trouble every time he has to stand up to players that force that kind of game.

If you recall, at the height of his career Novak had the perfect tennis player’s body with the perfect ratio of muscles and weight. He was fast and nimble but at the same time strong enough to endure even the hardest efforts. But now we can all see that his way of nutrition has taken its toll on his body and if you wonder where can you see it, well just check out the pictures from his previous tournaments.

Ever since he started this ATP Tour he showed us that he is so skinny that we think that this is his lowest point ever, his ribs are showing and on top of all that his biceps and triceps mass has gone down as well. If he doesn’t change something real quickly, he definitely will not be able to compete against anybody in the pro tennis.

But there is a possibility that some other factors are influencing him and his performances. Novak is telling us that something is definitely wrong through his behavior which is worrying lately. He was always kind to press no matter whether he won or lost, but after the defeat against Kyrgios, on the question to comment bad results in the season so far he got frustrated and left the conference hall by saying – “Thank you!” Even before this got to him, he wasn’t any more chatty, “No, I do not feel great after the defeat.” he stated.

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