Shocking Main Event For Survivor Series Being Considered


Survivor Series is the pay per view that WWE produces each November. It is the final event out of the Big Four PPVs and the last dual branded show of the year that comes after the Rumble, Mania and the Summerslam. While Rumble’s main event is the match itself and it is always great, it was the best main event out of all of these big shows. Summerslam had an amazing main event as well, while Mania didn’t really deliver much.

Even with that being said, this is probably going to be the worst final match of them all this year. Right now, the WWE is considering doing the Champion vs. Champion scenario where Brock Lesnar is going to meet Jinder Mahal to close out the Survivor Series show.


This is a bad idea. There are almost no WWE fans that want to see this battle happen. It won’t accomplish anything but make the WWE Championship look even worse. Jinder Mahal has done no favors to this title, and it would be downgraded even more if this battle was to be booked and Brock Lesnar just runs over the WWE Champion.

Jinder is going to be in India as he is doing some promotional work for the company. Also, he is scheduled to face Kevin Owens on the December 8th, and December 9th in India as WWE begins their tour there, and he will be trying to defend his belt. That is why this guy is going to be the champion for the remainder of 2017, and that is why WWE wants to do this meaningless match with Brock Lesnar in the main event of Survivor Series.