Should Cowboys Sign Emmanuel Sanders If He Leaves Broncos?!


Denver Broncos will be making some change to their roster for 2018 season, and two of the players that might find themselves on the free market are Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Thomas’ contract will be easier to handle as both 2018 and 2019 can be bought back for $4million. Denver franchise will most likely restructure his contract. Sanders’ contract is also valid through 2019, and if released, he will cost Broncos $5.4 million in dead cap money, unless they release him post-June 1st. But, according to sources from Mil High Stadium the chances are slim that he will be a Bronco next year.

That is where Cowboys and their needs come into the picture. Sanders is the type of receiver, fast with strong hands, that Cowboys and Dak Prescott could use. Also, he is a Belville, Texas native, so a return to his home could make Cowboys front-runners for his signature.

The problem lies in the fact that he’s not a free agent yet, and he has a potential NFL investigation upon him for alleged sexual misconduct. There were no charges filed against him, nor there will be any. But as we know from Ezekiel Elliott case, he might be fined by NFL for mere involvement regardless of the court decision. Because of this, even if Sanders becomes available, Cowboys might hesitate on signing him.


Last season Sanders had a down year, but before that, he has been very productive WR. His drop in number has it all to do with Broncos unsolved quarterback situation in 2017. He played under Lynch, Siemian, and Osweiler where neither of the three made an impression.

Emmanuel Sanders signed with Broncos in 2014. That year he started 16 games and had nine touchdowns and 1,404 yards on 101 receptions. He made the Pro Bowl that year. During 2015 he had 6 TDs and 1,135 yards on 76 catches. During that season he has won a Super Bowl with six receptions for 83 yards in the final match of the season. After that year he signed a three-year extension worth $33 million with $20 million in guaranteed money.

In the last two seasons, his numbers are down, but they are still not bad. Sanders started 28 out of 32 games during the past two seasons, and he recorded 126 catches for 1,587 yards and seven touchdowns.

Denver Broncos will look to trade him, but if any suitors fail to arise, he will be released for a $6 million savings in cap space. In order to make the offense a ‘Dak friendly’ as much as they can Cowboys will need to take a serious look at signing Emmanuel Sanders.