Should Dak Prescott Ignore Dez Bryant?


Dallas’ big three consists of Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Dez Bryant. When Elliott got suspended, you would expect that Prescott would turn to Bryant. However, Bryant is no longer a wide receiver he used to be, and his efficiency is among the worst in the league. Should Dak Prescott ignore Bryant and find other solutions?

Dez has been the target for 103 times, which is the sixth-highest number in the NFL, reports ESPN TruMedia. This would not be a problem if Bryant were to play on the level from 2014 when Romo was the star quarterback. Ever since his foot fracture in 2015, Dez has struggled to find his groove. He should have gotten back on track last season when Prescott was on fire, but he managed to catch only 52.1 percent of balls going his way compared to 62.6 percent in the year before.


However, Bryant led the team at the moments, and the fans thought he would be the old-self in the playoffs. This year, the wide receiver has struggled, and he is among the lowest-rated receivers in catch rate (73rd), receiving yards per target (75th) and a percentage of air yards (72nd).

That is not all as Prescot has thrown 53/103 passes to Bryant for only just 578 yards, which gives him a 69.2 passer rating. Out of these 53 successful passes, four of them were TDs. This is a stat describing mediocre players. But it has been even worse without Elliott. Prescott’s rating has dropped to 54.4 percent when throwing to Bryant.

This wide receiver was a very lethal weapon once, but it is time for Prescott to find some other targets. And when he does that, we will hear it loud and clear since Bryant has always shown his displeasure with not getting enough balls his way.