Should Ezekiel Elliott Win The MVP Award?


MVP awards are usually reserved for the quarterback position. It’s by far the toughest and the most important position in the NFL. The last player to win the MVP award and was not a signal caller was Adrian Peterson. Well, this year could be the year that we get another MVP award-winning running back. That’s Ezekiel Elliott.

Yes, Dak Prescott has had an amazing rookie season. Not turning the ball over and making big plays, correct reads at the most important moments of the game helps your MVP case. But as good as he has been, Ezekiel Elliott running behind this great o-line is how Dallas is winning games and what brought them that great score.


People are hell bent on stopping the run against the ‘Boys, and it opens the field for Dak Prescott and his wideouts. The case against Elliott is him running behind that great offensive line, but that is not what has made him this good. It has helped, but it’s not the main reason.

Hitting the holes at the right time and being patient before turning on the jets is what this man does. In every single game, you have at least one play where he burns the defensive backs on his way to a big gain.

To us, he is second just behind Tom Brady. But, if he performs like he did against Tampa in the final two duels of the season, there is no reason for us not to think that he is the legitimate candidate for the MVP award.