Sibling Rivalry Taken To The Next Level


If you think that you did some crazy things to get even with someone, check out what this guy did to his brother. A man from Beirut, Lebanon, built his “house” just to block the sea view that his brother has from his villa. It is hard to think of something more original and funnier than this.

Looking at this building, we can agree that this is one of the thinnest houses in the world as it comes at less than one meter or three feet wide. On the property that takes about 120 square meters this “grudge house” was built just to block the Meditteranean Sea view of the house right beside it as it reduces its value.


Well, if you are like us, then you definitely asked what happened between these two, and here is the story. Father left his sons two properties, but a part of one plot was taken by the government to create a road. As the siblings couldn’t find a mutually beneficiary agreement, one of them decided to build his “house” just to block the view of the other.

You should know that this is not all in this hilarious story. Can you guess the name of the house? It is called ‘Al Ba’sa’ or translated ‘The Grudge.’ Another name that it received is The Queen Mary as it looks like a ship, it is far wider from one side than from the other.

This house was built all the way back in 1954, but just recently pictures and explanation were added to the internet. One of the Twitter users posted it and thanks to that person, this story received the attention it deserves. Most reactions to the picture and story are hilarious.