8 Smart Trade Show Ideas for Attracting Visitors


A trade show is definitely one of the best opportunities to promote your brand, company or product. This is an event where you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a large number of people, and precisely to those people who are interested in your field of business. This is something that no small or medium-sized company should miss, because such opportunities do not come up very often, as for large companies.

However, it is not enough to just rent a booth at an event and expect great business success. Although on the one hand it is very positive that all visitors are interested in your niche, on the other hand the competition is very big. If you don’t get the visitor’s attention right away, they will take just a few steps and approach the stand of your competition. That’s why you have to stand out, so that no one passes by your booth without noticing it. We will give you ideas on how to attract as many potential customers as possible during the trade show.

1. Branding


This is an opportunity for as many people as possible to meet your brand and stay engraved in their memory. So don’t miss this unique chance. Let your whole booth be in the mark of your brand. Let each part have your logo, name or whatever it associates with your brand. Otherwise, people will not remember you, but someone else. The stand must not be impersonal, because it is not interesting to anyone, even if you offer good products. Others also have good products, but you shouldn’t let them have better marketing strategy.

2. Make it interactive

People like to be involved, not just be bystanders. That’s why you need to include as much interactive content as possible, which shouldn’t be a problem for you due to the widespread use of modern technologies. With the help of tablets you can make different surveys, games and the like, depending on what your niche is. For example, to participate in interactive content, make sure they have to enter their email address. That way you will have their email and be able to send them newsletters. That way you will certainly increase number of your clients, which is, after all, your main goal.

3. Augmented reality and virtual reality


VR, as well as AR, are no longer something from a science fiction film, but something that is increasingly available to all of us. If you’ve been to the stand of some big company, like Samsung, you have probably seen a lot of VR content. But there is no reason why you should not take advantage of this technology. Invest in developing a virtual tour through your offices, for example. This will bring the client closer to your company and how it operates. You can also do whatever you imagine, which will have a positive impact on your business. Case is the same with augmented reality. And don’t worry, the equipment as well as creating of virtual content isn’t as expensive as it was a few years ago, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

4. Custom displays


Custom displays can help you stand out. See what the booths of the world’s largest companies look like at big trade shows. You try to do something similar, of course within your financial assets. Large displays can be just the most important thing to attract the attention of visitors, and when they come to your stand then it is up to you to further interest them in your brand. Click here to discover the best solutions for custom trade show displays.

5. Pop-up tent

Pop-up tents are one of the most used decorations for booths at trade shows and are never out of fashion. They are very easy to install, and you have endless possibilities of how your awning will be designed. Inside you can organize various prize games and similar activities.

6. Phone charging station at your stand


People today can’t even spend an hour without their smartphone or tablet. This is exactly what you should use to your advantage. Install a free phone charging station with cables for different smartphone models. It’s a very small investment, and people will come to you to charge your phone, even though they may not be interested in your product right away. But as they spend at least half an hour there, you have the opportunity to inform them about what you offer, give them leaflets and the like. In this way, you will surely interest at least a few visitors, who otherwise would not even pay attention to you. In addition, provide free Wi-Fi. That way you will be one of the most visited booths on the entire trade show.

7. Rent a large space

And this is also one of the great ways to stand out among the crowd. Simply rent one of the largest spaces or the largest and that way it will be “difficult” for visitors to bypass you. They will surely stop by at least out of curiosity, to see who has the biggest and what to offer. While this may sound like an expensive option, check the prices first. This can really be very expensive at some famous trade shows and then it is not a cost effective tactic. But it also happens that renting space is not expensive at all and then this approach pays off.


8. Conduct demonstration

It’s not enough to just inform visitors about your product and ask them to find more on your website or YouTube channel. They can do it without a trade show. They came there, among other things, to see how the thing works live and for the expert to show them all the possibilities. That’s why it doesn’t matter what your niche is, it’s important that someone from your company who is an expert gives a demonstration of your product. It is very important that the person knows all the features of that product well and that he does not make a mistake during the demonstration.


As you can see, it is not at all complicated to make a success on a trade show. It is only important that you prepare well. It’s best to set aside a month or two to prepare for a trade show, especially when you have some new products to present.