Social Media to help in forming questions for presidential debates

Google and Facebook are expected to play a role in the presidential debates that is upcoming.

Social media and technology companies have been asked to aid the American public to engage with the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and the Republican nominee, Donald Trump in the wake of three debated that is coming up soon as organized by Commission on Presidential Debates.

According to the commission on a post it made on its website, Google and Facebook will be making available data in the weeks to come to moderators on what exactly the people are saying as well as searching about the election. They will also provide data on what they have to say about the issues arising and the candidates. Facebook they said will be working hand in hand with moderators to get questions that will be given to the candidates.

Facebook will during the debates be working on-site so that the members and students making use of the media can make use of Facebook Live to show what they experiencing and seeing in the places where the debated are scheduled to hold.

For Facebook users, they will be enabled to watch the program live and will have the opportunity to comment or ask questions during the debate.

The social media are also expected to note what its users are discussing as it concerns the election, the candidates, and the debates. The debate will be live-streamed on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Yahoo.

Snapchat will be responsible for gathering snapshots into a Live Story from users so that people can get a feel of what is going on at the places the debate is holding.

Technology Business Research analyst, Ezra Gottheil, said the introduction of the social media to join in the debate process is a welcome development.

Gottheil said that at first, debates normally start with moderators that are experts whose job it is to form the questions. And then the issue of having questions being submitted from the audience came up and this is what metamorphosed into town hall-kind of occasions. With the social media, the will have more audience and also to get their questions and fish out those that are most relevant to the public.

Getting the social media involved into the debates feels natural since they are what people make use of on daily basis.

Gottheil pointed out that since the users of these social media were already posting content, griping and talking about the election, making use of what they say to help the debate was only logical.

With the social media, people will be tipped to log in so as to participate in the debate and by so doing, the debate will be more relevant. And that also the chances of asking questions and perhaps get them answered is quite attractive.

The presidential debates will be held on Monday, September 26th, October 9th, which is a Sunday, and on October 19th being Wednesday.