4 Social Media Planning Tools 2024

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This year is probably the best time to finally achieve all of your marketing goals that you have been planning in 2019 for your company, your influencer reach or your online business. No matter what kind of business you are trying to grow, properly planning and managing your social media accounts is a must. If you do not manage them with a tool then you will never reach the level of success other businesses have because they always have support from some kind of tool.

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Whether you need help with posting on time on your Instagram, increase communication with your audience or for better notifications, these planning tools can do it all. But, finding the right one for your business might not be as easy as it seems. You will need to go use several of them before you come to the conclusion which one is the best. To help you narrow down that search, we are going to tell about which ones are really the best social media planning tools.


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To us, it is important that these applications, programs or plugins are filled with all kinds of features. The whole point is that they are basic and simple to use while providing you with immense help to reduce the time you spend every single day to ensure that your social media account is gaining followers.

  • Messaging

As someone who is handling social media accounts, you are probably aware of just how important it is to achieve the highest possible amount of engagement with your audience. This means you will need to respond to comments, direct messages and any other type of direct communication with your followers.

The problem with maintaining engagement is because you have to sift through hundreds of messages, hundreds of comments through several different websites. This can get frustrating, especially if there are bots and people spamming the same thing.

Fortunately, with Sendible, you will be able to avoid all of that frustration. By adding all of your accounts to Sendible, you can receive every single message into just one inbox, instead of having to go through multiple accounts.

  • Scheduling

Sendible allows you to schedule what needs to be posted at multiple platforms at the same time. Do you need to post 10 pictures on all your social media profiles? No problem because Sendible can handle all of that for you.

  • Pricing

Don’t be surprised by the pricing, because there aren’t any other companies out there that can provide you with this level of quality services for free. With just $29/month, you get all of these features which is not a bad offer.


Source: kontentino.com

One of the best tools available for advertising agencies and for social media experts. It might not be that easy to use and basic, but it is rich with hundreds of features, enabling you to do almost anything. There is also the option of getting a free trial of 30 days, so if you do not like how Kontentino works, you can always cancel your subscription before those 30 days pass.

  • Support

The great thing about Kontentino is that you always have 24/7 support. No matter what you are stuck in or what kind of help you require, you can always contact someone to guide you through the settings and features of Kontentino.

  • Scheduling

Scheduling posts has never been easier. With Kontentino you have the option to use a calendar that allows you to edit it just by dragging and dropping. You can easily move around the posts from one day to another, copy them, put in new ads and whatever else you can think of.

  • Bulk actions

You won’t have to do multiple tasks at once just to reach your deadline anymore. You can assign this app to do tasks in bulk. If you want, you could post just one single post on every social media account or you could post 100 different posts across the accounts, there is no limit.

  • Checklist

If multiple people will be working with Kontentino, you will be glad to know that everyone will have access to a checklist. You can write anything you want on it and then use it as a reminder both for yourself and for your coworkers about any future projects.

  • Pricing

When you take into account that you can work with 10 social media profiles at the same time for just $54 a month, this may be one of the best contenders on this list.


Source: agorapulse.com

A great alternative for those with a bit bigger budget.

  • Social inbox

It works just as the social inbox as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but the difference is that you can get every single message inside of this inbox. You can even prioritize which notifications need your attention as soon as possible.

You can look through what will need to be a review, who requires a direct message reply and other tasks that you would usually forget to do without this kind of a too.

You won’t have to worry about spam anymore either because AgoraPulse has advanced settings that will allow you to completely ignore it. It won’t show up in your inbox anymore.

  • Scheduling

Nothing more to add to this feature, because most of the other tools on this list have it. Scheduling your posts throughout the week is always a great addition.


Source: hootsuite.com

Founded in 2008, Hootsuite might be one of the oldest social media planning tools which means they have the largest amount of experience about what their clients want. This management platform has one of the most user-friendly UIs which is why we believe it deserves a spot on this list.

While it doesn’t allow you to control a lot of social profiles at once, it does allow you to handle 30 posts at one time which is always useful. But, the best thing about Hootsuite is that you actually have the option to use the most basic plan for free. It might not be of the highest quality or the richest in features, but if you do not have a budget for such a tool, using it for free is a big deal.