Sony and Microsoft at silent war over “native 4K”

Pixel-counters have been given a 4K-sized battlefield to struggle over by the new Microsoft Xbox One Scorpio coming late 2017 and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro that is set to debut this November. Microsoft is already whetting the appetite with its promise to make sure that its new game renders 4K.

Now there are concerns about games being natively 4K. for games designed for PS4 Pro, will come with an internal framebuffer that has been confirmed to handle 1080p game, but not adequate enough to handle 3840×2160 pixel when it comes to a 4K screen. It is only games that come with a simple graphics that will be able to deliver such resolution on PS4 Pro.

Sony says that the internal rendering pipeline of the PS4 Pro and other upscaling proprietary techniques will to a large extent improve the ability of lower signal resolution base to be able to maximize the advantage that 4K display can give. No matter how much upscaling they do, they will not be able to make up for the missing 4K pixel and also the hardware that is needed for a full 4K resolution to be possible.

So, it comes as a surprise and also something to look up to regarding Microsoft’s Scorpio that its game, when launched, will be able to generate and also render pixels that is close to 8.3 million, which has been described as a huge achievement. As at the moment, only very pricey PC graphics can boast of taking up native 4k game.

We are not trying to make apple and apple comparison here, but we know that a focused console that has the capacity to generate pixel-pushing power in its raw form much more than a PC that is generalized and has the same teraflop rating. Scorpio is not to be launched until 2017 comes upon us, and this is enough time for Moore’s Law and Microsoft to get it powered and also to reduce the cost for its hardware native 4K.

Even after is has been confirmed that Scorpio has the ability to run on 4K, we are not sure yet if the pixels added will offer any improvement that is noticeable against other games that have upscaled and running at a greater than 1080p but a lower native resolution.

It still dependent on the resolution and size of your screen for the display on 4K to be noticeable as is the case with 1080p and 720p resolutions. That means such display will be more enjoyable on PC than on TV that is in the living room.

Well, let us not jump the gun yet concerning the Scorpio’s native 4K until we get our hands on it and see how it performs. Right now, we will be contented with the war between the two companies to produce the best gaming experience for its users.