Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Expected To Launch VR Headset In Early 2016

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) has come up with a new challenge for its competitors in the virtual reality space. In one of its major announcements, the company has declared that Project Morpheus would be launched in early 2016. Project Morpheus is a headset to be used exclusively for PlayStation 4.

The President of worldwide studios for Sony has announced that, with the launch of Project Morpheus, PlayStation will again bag the limelight. The company will come up, with additional details and games for the system at the annual trade show of the videogame industry, E3, to be held in June.

Unlike other virtual reality headsets for 3D gaming like Oculus Rift, Valve Software or HTS’s Vive, meant for mainly PC users, Project Morpheus has been designed to make the user experience more consistent and enriching.

Morpheus has been very popular, with users who have used the earlier prototypes of the model. Since the time the project was announced a year back, the company has fiercely raised the standard of the specifications required before it can be launched for the masses. In a recent Game Developer’s Conference, the company has announced that it has almost reached the standard where the product is ready to be launched.

The product comes, with a world class OLED display this time. The refresh rate of the system has been reset at 120 Hz, which will dramatically increase the quality of its visuals. Till now, the best refresh rate that most of the games come with is 60 Hz or frames per second.

From the first prototype, the latency – or lag has been reduced to almost half. This time it is less than 18 milliseconds. Even at 20 milliseconds, one would not know the difference between the virtual and real world.

Apart from the above, there would be additional tracking LEDs, which would make the product more user-friendly.