Sony vs. Microsoft, a perilous game PlayStation must tread

The PlayStation is indeed Sony’s golden goose. It plays a significant part in building the future of this electronic company. In July, Sony had reported a colossal quarterly profit of $546 million dollars. Seventy – eight percent of these profits come from the PlayStation.

In the gaming console market, Sony’s PlayStation 4 tops the charts with 40 million units sold as of May 2016. According to analysts, Xbox One is pinned second with over 20 million sales. Microsoft had stopped reporting sales numbers after that. And finally, Nintendo’s Wii U comes in with 13 million sold as of June.

However, technology just couldn’t guarantee lasting fame. But this is something that Sony has become accustomed with. PlayStation 2 had been the leader in the gaming technology for all time. But when it has been replaced with PlayStation 3, Xbox360 took its toll over it. This led Sony to mend the entire business in order to catch up with Microsoft.

But the ambitious Microsoft is also making huge strides on its own. It longs to reinvent itself in the post-PC era. With this, it is working to integrate Xbox with Windows 10. To follow this venture is the Project Scorpio which is expected to come next year. This integrated Microsoft brings insecurity to the future of the Sony PlayStation business.

Nevertheless, Sony is willing to take all the risk. Dancing with uncertainty, the company places its hope on the PlayStation Vue live TV streaming service and the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset to save it from eternal damnation. The two is set two come out this week.

Sony is playing a risky game with Microsoft. The latter had been building a strong foundation with key Xbox features on Windows 10. They were able to successfully develop games such as “Gears of War 4” and “Forza” which is highly capable of running on both the PC and gaming console. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be very difficult for Microsoft to get all Windows10 PC’s to access and enjoy many of the best Xbox games.

It is indeed a painful struggle for Sony. It seems that Microsoft is on the winning streak in this battle. It is like the young shepherd boy, David, waging war against the feisty Philistine giant named Goliath. It’s a crazy idea. Even Sony may have some services and features than can run on a PC or Mac, Microsoft will always have Windows itself.

Microsoft still holds all the cards in this very exciting game. No matter what Sony does, it seems that it will never exceed Microsoft’s reach. The latter is fully equipped with all the things it needs for the battle. Sony, however, need to look for a ground to build the strong foundation for the future of their PlayStation. This is the mission of the PlayStation VR and Vue.

Sony is looking into virtual reality to build the its future. It is a risky endeavor but the company is determined on the difficult path of success to achieve its goal of surpassing Microsoft in the gaming industry.