Spectacles, the new fun-video eyeglass from Snapchat awaits public opinion on its product


Snapchat over the weekend launched sunglasses that come with video camera which they called Spectacles with the impact not really known.

The soon coming shade which will sell at $129 will enable the users of Snapchat numbering up to 150 million and those that are in their youth to instantly record a 10-second clip and upload directly to Snapchat. There will be a light to indicate when the recording is on.

This new product is such a huge deal for Snapchat in Los Angeles and has shortened its name to a simple term of Snap Inc when it did the announcement. This shows that the company has expanded its app that is barely 5 years old and which records not less than 15 million users more on a daily basis than what is obtainable with Twitter.

Snapchat app allows you to post videos and pictures that disappear within some minutes to make it look like it’s a real life event or conversation. Also the idea behind this is that in an event that the post is not your favour, it could disappear before people come back to haunt you with it. This does not mean that some people especially celebrities have not been scandalised with Snapchat.

Some people and especially tech industries find Snapchat confusing with its $3 billion offer it took over from Facebook alongside its user interface that is confusing. Even with all these, young people seem to prefer it to other social networks as the company boasts of reaching 41% of people aged 18-34 on daily basis in the U.S alone.

According to Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, Snapchat can make wearing glasses with technology cool with a market potential of $25 billion by the year 2019. He also said they were not going to be in rush to launch them so that they can check if people accepts it and likes it.

A spokesperson for Snapchat declined from making more comments on Spectacles when fielded with questions on Monday.

The Spectacles comes in black coral and teal and is loud, flamboyant and pointy. They look a little like mascot from the World industries devil with their corners that are upturned.

It is like the antithesis of former Google Glass that was released in the market in 2012 and taken off later after it faced ridicule. Google did not make much from its Glass and people said they could tell when it was recording and a whole lot of other issues.


Due to what Google suffered in ridicule, it is hard to tell if Spectacles will succeed or fade after a little while like a fashion trend which is still not bad. The company is relying on its pitch and its relatively fair price equivalent to what you would pay for a good sunglasses.