Spend a Perfect Day At The Lake


Even though the Summer is nearing its end, we can still count on at least 30 days without rain. That means there is still plenty of time to head out to your favorite lake for the weekend. We have some tips and things you should take for your next trip to the lake.



Although you probably will not be drinking a lot of water while you are in the water, you will most likely want some ice-cold water after all the swimming and on that long and hot ride home. So make sure you fill up some water bottles with water and ice. You can also bring some flavored sparkling water which can serve as a good substitute for a beer when you need to take a break while also hydrating you. If you bring plastic water bottles, just stuff them in a cooler with a bunch of ice. Do not freeze them ahead of time. Freezing plastic bottles releases Bisphenol-A in the water, which is something everyone should avoid. Your best choice is to just fill insulated water bottles with ice.


Perhaps the most important part on a perfect lake day. Our recommended snack is always salty chips, some homemade made salsa for dipping, pre-cut fruit like watermelons and peaches. Hummus or onion dip goes great with chips or vegetables. You can also bring something spicy if you like.

However, for real substance, which you will want badly after a few hours at the lake, bring some barbecued chicken in a plastic container with some vegetables, pickles, and bread. You can also make a few classic grilled cheese sandwiches just before you travel and pack them in a back.


Always bring sunscreen. Put it on at least 40 minutes or an hour before you get out in the sun. Make sure you reapply after you have been swimming.

Rent a boat


After you got some exercise from swimming, you’ll probably get bored quickly. You are going to be at the lake the whole day, you can’t spend the whole day swimming which is why you should consider renting a boat which is going to be fun for the whole family. Whether you are just going to drive around the lake or even try water skiing, you will have tons of fun. If you want to find a boat visit www.themarina.on.ca.

Cooler with ice

Warm beer is probably worse than no food at all. The best way you can pack a cooler for ideal cooling is to put the drinks first then the ice on top and snacks that need to be kept cold. There are a few different styles of coolers. You can get wheelie ones if you don’t want to carry them around, you can just drag them around the beach and the parking lot.


It is very bright out there from the reflection of the water. Do yourself a favor and get some UV-blocking sunglasses to protect your eyes so you do not damage your eyesight. Remember to take them off before you go diving so you do not lose them. Just in case, get a cheaper pair, so you do not lose your favorite ones.


Extra clothes

This is crucial because there is nothing better than a nice dry set of clothes waiting for you in the car once you are ready to go back. Chances are that the clothes you came in will get wet and there is nothing worse than sitting through a long ride in wet clothes.