How Much Time Should You Spend on One Slot Machine

Slot machines have been around for ages, and it’s no wonder considering how much fun they offer to players. It all comes to the variety of them we have at hand. But no matter how much you play and how many variants you try out, you’ll always learn something new. This is why we believe there is still uncharted territories regarding these games worth exploring. Many players are playing them, relying only on the basic knowledge needed to play. We should also mention those who start playing relying on myths surrounding these games, which are sometimes just that – fairy tales. It’s no wonder things are like this as all of us gamblers are a superstitious bunch. There’s no understatement when we point this out.

What’s written above brings us to the subject of ours today’s article. It is one of the stories that are a subject of dispute between layers. It all comes down to a straightforward question – how much time should you spend on one particular slot machine? Players always want to test these machines to the limit to determine whether one is a loose one or not. Testing machines is not a hobby for slot players; it is something taken seriously in this community. Luckily for all of you out there, this property of a slot machine can be determined. It all comes down to how much money and time you want to spend doing this. Once you’re settled on this, you can proceed and learn how much time you should spend on one slot machine. Let’s get down to the ground.

Loose Slot Test

The one primary reason to proceed with a loose slot test is to have your time and money saved. Spending too much time and money at a single slot machine while you’re getting nothing in return isn’t a way you should do things. Doing things this way should be avoided for your own good. So, to know when to quit, you need to know how much money is enough for testing. Not an easy question to answer. It has a couple of variables we need to know – the kind of slot machine you like to play and your playing style.

This is not possible to know for each player so that we won’t go down that alley. If you’re not sure how much money you could possibly need, let’s make it about bets. When testing a slot machine, you shouldn’t go over two hundred chances. The size of the bet is up to you, but don’t make it devastating big per bet. Remember, this is about the testing, not about immediate gains. We could go deeper into details and mention the number of credits you need to play, but this also has much to do with the type of machine you’re occupying.

Instead, let’s move to the number of spins you are prepared to have while determining the quality of a particular slot machine. If you are not sure which way to go, the best route is to go small at the beginning. Start with the usual ten spins. This is what seasoned players do, which means it is the way you should proceed, but you’re not obligated to do so. You can choose the number of spins you like, based on your preferences. But, remember one thing – once you’re settled on a number, do not change it. Changing the number now and then won’t do the trick. Always stick with a number you set the first time, or it won’t matter for the test we’re conducting. If you decide not to continue with the test, you’re free to play directly at Kiff Slots and try your luck straight away. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Once we’re done with what’s stated above, we must go back to the start – decide your bankroll. Overspending is not the solution, so you must set the amount of money you are prepared to spend on the slot test. This might be hard to determine for some, so try the simplest of methods – multiple the number of credits with the number of spins. Let’s give you an example: let’s say you have one thousand credits, and you want to bet ten per round and to have ten spins while the test is ongoing. This means you’ll have to spend a hundred credits on the test. Once the test is over, you should still have nine hundred credits at least, counting you haven’t won anything.

The goal of each test is to see if the machine is going to give you any returns. If you have won something, you need to calculate the worth of it and the continue of playing. The calculus that follows needs to be between the remaining nine hundred you have and those you released into the machine. The number you get needs to be divided by the number of spins you had, and it will be clear how many spins you can perform before winning.

Playing on, or Stop Playing?

Once you have completed the test we explained above, you’ll want to know if the particular slot is right for you or is the time to move one. It all depends. If your number of credits goes down below the nine hundred in a substantial amount, you’re better of changing the machine. But, if, after completing each round of bets and spins, you continue increasing your bankroll, you should continue pressing the same slot. If you are still winning after a couple of games of wheels, you better keep playing as that machine is in the giving mood. It’s holiday time, baby! The advice we have for you is not to play over excessively. Even if you’re winning, it’s better to cash out after a while and stick to the formula we just gave you. We haven’t written this article just for fun. Try to learn something from it.