The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer released and its awesome!

The mix of Spider-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was for many years a dream and hope, but thankfully in 2015 all of that changed when Sony and Marvel made a deal to bring the young superhero into the larger franchise. The lead this time, Tom Holland, debuted in Captain America: Civil War and after that for him only big things are to come – first of them is a solo movie with Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming. There is still somewhere around a few months to wait for a real deal but until then feast your eyes on the awesome trailer that just got released.

For the first time it will be aired tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but thankfully you and we managed to see it a little earlier after God knows how much weeks and days of rumors and speculations. The footage that was shown on San Diego Comic-Con was somewhat different than this which depicts Spider-Man in his costume and doing his thing as always.

This of course just makes us even more enthusiastic about the entire film that will very soon be in front of us. If you managed to catch it, there is one thing that will make this one different than any other web swinging reboot story, and that is the fact that Homecoming will totally devote to the high school part of Spidey’s origin story.

The new look of the Spider-Man’s costume, action shots of him sailing with his web wings and cracking jokes is exciting enough, but we managed to catch something new in this movie that probably slipped your attention. It seems that Homecoming is changing one more thing. So far the Peter Parker side of the story somehow always suffered and was pushed aside in live-action Spider-Man films, but that is what’s going to be changed in this one. Apparently, Homecoming is introducing Peter’s friends and showing him as a person that is dying to get into some action with the Avengers. What is even more absurd is that Tony Stark somehow becomes the voice of reason, advising Peter not to bite more than he can chew.

If we could switch with Peter and if we saw Michael Keaton’s performance as The Vulture we would probably instantly admit that Tony was right. But sadly we didn’t see Keaton, personally, much in action though there is one scene where he “nicely” threatens Spidey to back off, or he’ll kill everyone he loves. That is in a way pretty grim moment in the film, but after that, something incredible happened, and it brought our smile back, and that is nothing less than Spider-Man and Iron Man flying around together. Incredible!

This trailer is truly stunning, and sadly it just made the July 7th, 2017 a whole lot further than it actually is. But one good thing here is that we will have a lot more news and coverages on the topic as the waiting times gets shorter and shorter. Until then we can enjoy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that is hitting theaters next weekend.