Spider-Man: Homecoming – Upgraded Spidey Suit


At the Comic-Con Experience 2016 convention in Brazil last week the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer was premiered and shortly after posted online for everyone who didn’t have an opportunity to see it then. Another Marvel Studios debut trailer was shown, but we won’t be able to see it until next week when it will come out with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Namely, it is Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and many details about the movie have been revealed since then. If you don’t want to find out anything before the film hits the theaters, this is the right moment to stop reading this text because we don’t want to spoil it for you. However, we can’t but to immediately mention the Spider-Man suit upgrade everyone would be thrilled to see, especially Tom Holland wearing it.

Many who have seen it in Brazil posted numerous comments online, mostly in Portuguese, but once they were translated, they mostly said about one thing that left an impact on them – web wings. They have been a part of the Spider-Man costume for years, but they have never been used. Until now. As it was seen in the trailer, Spider-Man actually uses them to glide through the air.


When it comes to the comics, the webbing under his arms wasn’t ever used for flying, or better to say, gliding through the air. Nonetheless, Spider-Woman with some similar webbing used it to soar through the air, so why wouldn’t Spider-Man use it for gliding, rather than just for aesthetic purposes.

Not only was it talked about online by the ones who attended the convention, but also Marvel’s Vice President & Executive Editor of Marvel’s Digital Media posted some tweets about these web wings. Therefore, we can draw a clear conclusion that it is true. Nonetheless, we’ll have an opportunity to see them for ourselves in a few weeks when the trailer comes out with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.