Sprint Corp (S) Counters T-Mobile US Inc (NYSE:TMUS) With New Offering

By BrokenSphere (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Sprint’s Open World is a riposte to T-Mobile US Inc (NYSE:TMUS)’s Mobile without Borders. Open World is a free add-on that offers free texting and calling to Mexico and Canada. The plan additionally comes with free unlimited texting and calling and also 1GB of 3G data when travelling to Latin America, Mexico and Canada. The 1GB of data is separate from the domestic data quota and excess usage will be charged at $30/GB. Also users will only be billed for actual usage.

Users travelling to other nations well still have free texting. However they will be billed 20 cents per minute on calls. Data will be charged at $30/GB however only the used data will be chargeable by Sprint. Additionally, American customers can call the Dominican Republic as well as over 180 nations at 5 cents a minute.

It’s wonderful to have options particularly for travel aficionados. However each carrier deals as well as plans come with both advantages and disadvantages and the user is ultimately the final decision maker.

Both plans have free texting and calling to other North American countries. Sprint is giving 1GB of data while roaming which is extra to the user’s existing plans. But T-Mobile lets the user utilize the monthly data quota while roaming with no additional cost. Open World is the logical choice for users on limited data plans. Mobile without Borders is suited for users on higher data plans as they can use over 1GB of data when roaming at no additional charge.

Both carriers cover Mexico and Canada while roaming but Sprint extends its plan to Latin America also. T-Mobile is a GSM carrier which has better coverage than Sprint’s CDMA. However the rise of LTE is letting Sprint catch up with T-Mobile.

For those calling nations other than Mexico and Canada, Sprints rate of 5 cents a minute to more than 180 nations is a bargain. On the other hand T-Mobile provides unlimited calling to landline telephones in over 70 nations at $10 a month. By putting in an extra $5 users can make unlimited calls to mobile devices in more than 30 nations. Everything ultimately hinges on the amount of calls you want to make.

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