‘Star Trek Discovery’ News and Updates, Michelle Yeoh as a new cast member


Even though Bryan Fuller has left the captain’s helm of “Star Trek: Discovery,” everything continues to be conducted according to the plan. Some cast members of the show have already been chosen, and it has been confirmed that one of them is a renowned Michelle Yeoh. A 54-year-old actress has come aboard of the upcoming American television series, and she will be taking on a role of the Starfleet Captain of a ship. When it comes to Fuller, he will nonetheless remain the part of this project but as an executive producer.

Michaell Yeoh is best known for her roles in Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, but she also had a great share in Tomorrow Never Dies, Sunshine and others. Although it was thought at first that Yeoh would take the lead role in series, it proved to be untrue. The producers are looking for a younger actress, in all probability African-American or Latina actress perhaps. The rumor has it that this part will be taken by a new face, someone who is not that well- known in the industry.

However, Yeoh will be playing a character called Han Bo, and her ship will be called the Shenzhou. Apparently, she will be getting a huge part in the series’ Season 1. It is also thought that the largest Asia’s star for decades already will get the most important role in bringing a tremendous popularity of the series.


Star Trek: Discovery Release Date

It cannot be said with the precision, however, the release date of “Star Trek: Discovery” is expected sometime in May 2017.