Star Wars Easter Eggs, Google’s Hiding Epic is All Over the Place

There are many people who might be busy in counting the holidays they have this week, but there is a whole list of fans who are interested in the most- awaited event on Dec. 18: the premiere of the new “Star Wars” movie.

There would be only one opening weekend for “The Force Awakens”. Google is seemed to be in the “Star Wars” mode with few Easter eggs throughout its products. The company had already inserted few jokes into its search results, and now the new ones will make you feel as if you are already watching the beginning of the movie.

Try searching for “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” and you will get results displayed in “Star Wars” signature opening scroll. This makes a bit difficult for the user to click on the page but fortunately, you have the option to pause the results.

According to my Post colleague Michael Cavna, Google lets its users choose which side of the force they would like to represent, light or dark. This decision is then later gets translated into the style and layouts of several Google’s key products like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and Google Calendar.

For example, if you notice the pegman maker in Google Maps, you will see it gets transformed into an X- Wing pilot or a stormtrooper. On the basis of your choice between light and dark, a profile picture is created with an appropriate theme in order to share on social media.

There is a tracker on Google’s “Star Wars” page which lets its users appear stronger with the dark side of the force, only by a little margin.

There is something you should be aware of before jumping into the fray: some complaints have been witnessed about signing up to “Star Wars”- the themed designs that you choose on Google products also put events on user’s calendars without any prior knowledge.

On its frequently asked questions page, Google says that “Star Wars events get automatically added to your own calendar in order to keep you up with the big events.” The company also adds, if your calendar settings are set to public, those events will be visible to everyone.

It’s true that people are not going to be shy about sharing their light or dark- side- themed profile pictures expressing their “Star Wars” enthusiasm, but it is still something to think about before declaring your allegiances.