Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Release Date

As numerous fans of Star Wars Rebels might be wondering what they should expect in Season 4, we’re bringing the latest updates we have found out. And we’ve got these straight from the horse’s mouth. Namely, after Season 3 ended in a dramatic way, producer Dave Filoni gave a few clues on what will be seen on the Rebels Recon YouTube series.

We will probably see Saw Gerrera’s return in the sequel, as well as Mon Mothma, whereas Filoni made a promise that we’ll have an opportunity to see the way this relationship develops with all its ups and downs, which would be quite intriguing.

Season 4 will also feature Sabine’s home planet – Mandalore, which was shown a lot in the Clone Wars animated series. Feloni added that Rebels would probably in many ways finish Clone Wars. He stated it would give an ending for numerous things that he hadn’t managed to finish. Of course, he had never done that intentionally or because he had forgotten it. It had just simply gone that way. What he liked a lot about the series is the fact that some characters seem as if they were kind of a partnered series, and at the same time connected in a shared story path for them.

Season 3 left its fans with many questions and thoughts where the next season might take them and what would happen, eager to find that in no time. As far as the release date of Star Wars Rebels Season 4 is concerned, there still hasn’t been any official announcement, but we’re hoping there will be one as soon as possible. Namely, they once said “This fall” to be their goal, so it might be that Season 4 will follow the path of Season 3, which arrived in late September, so we should probably expect it then.