Stars That Fans Would Love To See Wrestle Again In The WWE

There are a lot of wrestlers that the fans of the WWE would like to see back on the television and for the to appear on a regular basis. A lot of guys have come and gone out of the WWE, but these superstars are the ones that fans still want to see in the ring.

The Rock – Even though he is still officially with the company, he appears just a couple of times a year, maybe even only once, like last year at Wrestlemania. He is still the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, and people would love to see him back on WWE programming.

Daniel Bryan – He is a GM of Smackdown Live, gets amazing reactions when he comes out, but that’s not what the fans want to see from Daniel Bryan. They want him back in the ring, and he would be the biggest babyface in the company if he would be cleared to wrestle by WWE doctors.

Jeff Hardy – Both Matt and Jeff have been amazing for the organization, and they are doing wonders right now out of the company, especially Matt. But, Jeff is the one that has had more impact in the WWE and the fans would love to see him back doing what made him so great.

CM Punk – Every now and then, WWE fans chant his name even though he left the company three years ago. Punk has made a big impact after the pipebomb and the “Summer of Punk.” Everybody loves him on the mic and in the ring. This is the guy that would send people berserk if he would come back in the ring.

Kurt Angle – This man became a star in a short time. He was entertaining, great performer and was one of the best things on Smackdown when he was with the company. Angle is going into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the fans wouldn’t mind seeing him in the ring at least one more time.