7 Reasons to Start Painting-by-Number After You Retire


With age, new worries and problems come, and if we are not careful, stress accumulates. That is why experts advise all people, especially the elderly, to pursue a hobby. It is desirable that it be an activity that fulfills them, encourages creativity, lifts the mood and relieves stress. Painting by number is just one of the activities that has become popular among older people.

It produces a warm feeling in people, and it is very easy to draw in this way. All you will need is a wish, accessories and coloring pages. Today, there are many examples of these coloring pictures, because this activity is much more than a hobby. It offers you a number of advantages, which we will discuss in more detail below.

1. Paint like an artist


Whether you have a talent for painting or just love to do it, painting by number will make you look like a real artist. Thanks to pre-designed schemes, it will be enough to follow their order and get a real work of art. You can see how it looks at www.paintablepictures.com We will agree that this is a strong enough reason to think about this idea. For example, you can decorate your walls with some interesting pictures.

You can also paint for your friends, family or make the perfect gift for one of them. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can make very beautiful and charming works of art. You will not need art education for this, but also minimal drawing skills. Your task is just to fill in the blanks with colors. In the end, you will have a great time creating like famous painters. Paint like Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso.

2. It’s fun

If you want to be creative and have fun at the same time, then this is the right activity for you. If you venture into the world of coloring, you will discover a variety of motifs for painting by numbers. There are unlimited copies of templates just waiting for you. We must mention that this is not only a favorite activity of adults but also children. So you can invite your youngest members to join you. This is a great opportunity to spend extra time with your grandchildren. However, you will awaken the artist in you, but also much more than that.

3. Exercise skills


This is a great exercise for the brain, but also the body. In this way, you improve concentration, manual skills and coordination of movements. You also encourage creativity, and all that together has a positive effect on the mood. Color therapy is an opportunity to take a break from everyday stress and fill your free time with quality content. In the end, you will get a beautiful picture that will bring you pleasure for years. Since painting requires concentration, this is a meticulous job. This allows you to indulge in a different world from the one you are used to.

Allow yourself to briefly just forget about the surroundings and relax. Let time flow. As time goes on, you will increasingly stimulate both the hemispheres of the brain, both the left and the right. While the left is in charge of logical and rational operations, the right is associated with creativity and emotions. This way you release your imagination as your thoughts fly through the air and give you a sense of relief.

4. It’s easy to use

Painting by number is a very simple activity that almost anyone can do. All you will need is to own this art painting set and everything is ready to use. Whether you already have painting experience or not, you can use it. Decide on your favorite painting motifs of landscapes, women, cities, portraits, etc. There are also various canvas materials that you can opt for. For example, it is a cotton canvas, traditional Italian, etc. There are white fields marked with numbers all over the canvas. There is a suitable acrylic paint for each of them.

5. Get rid of negative thoughts

Each of us experiences this from time to time and it is completely normal. However, there are natural ways to dispel such thoughts and painting by number is one of them. Just like playing sports, this activity helps you to start good thoughts. This is why many compare this activity to meditation, as it contributes to redirecting thoughts into a positive channel. You achieve a state of peace thanks to complete concentration and focus on the painting process. By practicing concentration, you also affect other spheres of life.

For example, poor concentration reduces a person’s performance and efficiency. The result of this is attention deficit. On the other hand, painting will help you overcome the problems of modern times while your attention is torn between everyday obligations. This way you will employ your mind as you strive to reach a goal that eliminates stress and interrupts the flow of negative thoughts.

6. You rest your brain


You can carry out this activity anywhere. It can be in your home, nature, plane, etc. Whenever you want to relax your tired brain you can take out your accessories and start painting. Painting by number will never bother you, because you don’t have to make a drawing yourself. Since you are painting the finished pattern, it is enough to paint it. This way you will exclusively enjoy the process.

7. Improving motor skills

Painting by number is an opportunity to additionally practice your motor skills. During this process, you will improve eye-hand coordination. For that, at least half an hour a day will be enough for you and you will be surprised by the results.



So, this technique improves concentration by directing attention. It is a great exercise for all those who are ready to retire. Over time, cognitive abilities weaken and it is necessary to constantly work on them. That is why activities that improve general health are recommended, and painting by number is certainly one of them. This is a sure way to achieve inner peace and general harmony.