Stephanie McMahon Speaks About The Legacy Of The Undertaker

There is no doubt that The Undertaker is not only one of the greatest wrestlers that have ever stepped a foot in the WWE ring, but he is also one of the all-time greats in the world of wrestling. When you take a look at his career, you can see that he has been at the top of his game for the most of his 27-year career. The only time that The Phenom really didn’t look like he’s got it anymore is this year after all those hip problems that he had.

Now when that hip is fixed, and this man is done with the in-ring work, The Undertaker can enjoy the retirement as he deserves it. He has given so much to the business, and he has been somebody that the fans loved to see in action every single night. For the majority of the old school fans, The Dead Man is something that they are associating with their childhood as he has been on the rise when those fans were just kids.

Stephanie McMahon recently spoke about The Phenom and the kind of legacy that he left behind. Here is a part of that interview.

“There will never be another Undertaker and everyone feels the same whether it’s backstage or out in the arena. I think that everyone that is part of the WWE Universe is a fan of The Undertaker, there will never be anyone like him.”

Stephanie is just saying here that he is somebody that can’t be replaced. Everybody loves The Undertaker, and even though there are guys that have some similarities with him like Bray Wyatt or Finn Balor, there is no doubt that there is only one Phenom in the history of the WWE.