Stephen Jones To Dak Prescott: Be an MVP and You’ll Get Paid


Dallas Cowboys struck the gold with Dak Prescott, not only because he’s a good player, but because his contract is a bargain for Big D franchise. He’s become Dallas franchise QB in 2016, and since then he played in 32 games of regular season.

Prescott’s salary for 2018 is $630,000 which puts him at spot 66 among QBs. The players who earn similar sums among quarterbacks are Brandon Allen, Nate Sudfeld, Jake Rudock, Kevin Hogan, Jeff Driskill and Cardale Jones. The cap hit of Prescott’s contract in 2018 stands at $725,848. This ranks him at No60 among quarterbacks in the league and at No37 on Cowboys roster.

But this could change after this year. With two years on his contract, Prescott is eligible for an extension after 2018 season.

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones talked about the subject of Dak’s new contract: “Yeah, you know at that position, it kind of is what it is. You kind of, when the time comes, [expect to pay him]. I know Dak is going to have a good year this year. I hope it’s up there. It’s going to be as he deserves. He was a fourth-round pick. No one deserves to get paid fairly more than he does.”


The salaries of NFL quarterbacks are on the rise, and Jones has no issue with this. When the time comes, he will be ready to pay Prescott.

Last week, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan received a new five-year contract worth $150 million with $100 million guaranteed. At the moment he is NFL’s highest paid QB, but he will soon be topped by Aaron Rodgers.

Of course, Dak Prescott, who is 22-10 as a starter is not on the same level as the two QBs mentioned above, but Cowboys believe that he can reach that level in the next few years.

Even if Prescott doesn’t reach that level by the end of 2018, he will get paid regardless. Quarterbacks such as Jimmy Garoppolo got massive extensions ($137.5 million for five years) after only playing in seven games during his NFL career.

Jones addressed this type of development by saying: “We all see what some of the other guys are who aren’t Aaron Rodgers, who aren’t Matt Ryan [are getting paid]. He’s going to do well. We certainly know that’s going to happen. We’ve got that planned in our budgeting for the salary cap. I just want Dak to go out and be MVP this year of the NFL. That’s what I want. Then, we’ll deal with that.”