Steve Kerr Picks His NBA MVP For 2016/17 Season

We only have just a little over 24 hours until the NBA season starts. This is just the right time for those debates about who will win NBA awards. We all have our picks. LeBron James has always been in the conversation, Russell Westbrook is the strong candidate just like James Harden, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard. We also can’t forget about reigning two-time MVP Stephen Curry and his new mate in Oakland, Kevin Durant.

Their coach Steve Kerr was asked about who is going to take home the MVP award, and he gave a surprising answer. You might have expected for him to go with either Curry or Durant, but his story is slightly different. Those guys are not his favorites for the NBA MVP.

“I think Kevin Durant is kinda like Gary Johnson, a third-party guy who might come in and take a few votes from Steph Curry, takes some votes from LeBron James, ” Kerr said. “Then, Damian Lillard wins the election. That’s my forecast”.

If there is a coach who knows just how deadly Damian Lillard can be, Steve Kerr is the one. Lillard is always motivated against the Warriors and has been pretty successful while playing against them. He did have that 51 point outburst in Blazers’ blowout win over Golden State. He also did coach against him in the postseason, so he knows what he is talking about. Dame Lillard is a dark-horse in this race and could very well be in the conversation if Blazers keep playing winning basketball.