Steven Universe Season 5 Updates


Rumor has it that Steven Universe Season 5 will present more fusion with the Crystal Gems.

Since Season 4 has finally broadcasted its final episodes, so now fans can anticipate for the famous Cartoon Network show to come back with Season 5 sometime. Nonetheless, if we can trust the grapevine, the following sequel could be the last season of this series.

Based on the reports, the final episode has been very emotional, since it has shown Steven going to Homeworld so that he can repair his mistakes in the past and rescue his friends. Yet, passionate fans cry their eyes out once they confirm that the Season 5 may indeed be the last one to come.

It still remains to be seen whether Steven Universe Season 5 will be produced. Although, rumor has it that this sequel of the Cartoon Network’s show could be the last we will get to see. Allegedly, the teaser they released for the Season 5 could be implying that we will not see more episodes of our favorite show.


However, it has been disclosed that most of the fans believed that this teaser published last month was just an introduction to the next chapter, but it turned out to be just bits and pieces of the final four episodes of Season 4, which ended with the episode called “I am my Mom.”

We’re still unsure if Steven Universe Season 5 will be the final one of this show on Cartoon Network. But the fans can at least be sure that it will bring another batch of amazing episodes for sure. After all, it was the very creator of the show Rebecca Sugar who said that she is planning something big for the upcoming sequel, in one of her interviews.

In the meantime, rumor has it that maybe Steven Universe Season 5 may bring back Lar since he will be of great importance for the episodes to come. Allegedly, the upcoming season will feature some more fusion among the Crystal Gems.

Nonetheless, all of this can only be positively confirmed when Season 5 starts broadcasting, and we’ll let you know when exactly.