Strange Brigade: Overview!

Best known for their Sniper Elite series, game developers from the UK company Rebellion Games really upped the ante with the Strange Brigade! Well known for their great co-op shooters now they have another dish for us packed with guns, combat and zombies!

Rebellion Games unveiled Strange Brigade at E3 2017, and even though many critics think that this game will only further improve their success record, we could hear many people suggesting that this title strongly resembles Zombie Army trilogy. We could hear people saying that it is almost too similar as if they tried to copy it.

This game features four protagonists who have their own special skills and abilities. These four heroes will have to battle marauding hordes of zombies throughout the story. We all got used to Nazi zombies, but this time we’ll have to fight Egyptian mummies instead. And that’s where the ‘controversy’ starts. The game intro just resembles the Zombie Army too much for someone’s taste.

However, when you enter the multiplayer feature, you can feel that the two aforementioned games are completely different. First off, one has to select the academic class, and the selection of weapons really differ those in the Zombie Army.

The story is set in a mysterious Middle Eastern post-apocalyptic world, and it kind of gives out that Lost Ark vibe. Placing yourself somewhere high might be a tactical advantage when it comes to fighting off zombies. Add a good sniper rifle to your inventory, and that should guarantee you tons of fun.

Once you lose the advantage of the high point and descend to fight them directly, you’ll get flanked, and that’s where your teammates come in to save the day. Team spirit and chemistry is everything here. You might survive, you might die, a joint effort is the only way to beat them.

By the end of my experience, I was only getting hungrier for more. This game reminded me of Orcs Must Die because of that arcade feeling. Fans of Sniper Elite or to be precise, the deep marksman combat, will be a bit disappointed. This game doesn’t rely so much on that kind of battle. Weapons such as Tommy gun and Browning pistol are more dominant, and thus it provokes close-range combat. The closest thing to a sniper is a single-shot rifle, and even though it is powerful, still it doesn’t have a scope.

With all that being said we can tell you that if you opt for this game, you won’t make a mistake. It will really be worth your buck, and it guarantees tons of fun for you and your best friends. Hell, we know that we can’t wait to get our hands on it again.