Stranger Things Returns for Season 2 on Netflix [Spoilers]


Stranger Things is a popular series on Netflix that was a pleasant surprise in 2016 and nobody actually expected a series that good. It is different than other TV shows because of many things – Eleven, the Upside Down, the Demogorgon, etc.

Season 2 Release Date

Immediately after the first eight episodes of the season one, Netflix announced that there would be a second season, but there was some controversy around this confirmation. Be that as it may, here is what we know about Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is definitely coming back to TV on October 31, 2017, as it has been confirmed by Netflix. The filming of the new season has already ended, and Noah Schapp and Millie Bobby Brown, who play Will and Eleven respectively have posted photos on their accounts.


Cast and Crew

The main characters will return – Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, but this time we will see more of Will who has returned from the Upside Down. Furthermore, Winona Ryder will continue to play Joyce Byers, whereas Cara Buono and David Harbour will come back as Karen Wheeler and Jim Hopper respectively. Nancy Wheeler played by Natalie Dyer, Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) will return to the set as well.

Millie Bobby Brown, a girl who plays Eleven, will be back, but the show creators Matt and Ross Duffer announced that Barb “will not be forgotten” as she is not returning to the show. So as you can see, almost everyone from season one of Stranger Things will star in the sequel, and we cannot wait for the show to start. Matt Duffer teased the fans: “If the Monster is dead, was it a singular monster? What else could be out there? There’s a lot more mystery there to be solved.”

However, there will be some new faces on the show such as a 13-year-old girl Max (Sadie Sink), her cousin stepbrother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Roman (Linnea Berthelsen). In addition, Will Chase will have an important role as Neil Mayfield, the father of the new family that moved to Hawkins, Indiana from California while Brett Gelman has been hired to portray a role of “a disgraced journalist-turned-conspiracy theorist, who is investigating a cold case.”

We also expect to see Sean Astin in the role of Bob Newby, a nerd who went to high school with Joyce and Hopper. He is in a relationship with Joyce and manages the Hawkins RadioShack. Director Shawn Levy said about him: “Bob is new to our weird Hawkins group, but he’s immediately memorable and I think people are going to be very surprised by where that takes them this year.”

Last but not least, Paul Reiser will join the squad as Dr. Owens, a member of the Department of Energy on a “clean-up” assignment. He is neither good nor bad, according to Reiser, but we shall not spoil this for you. This is what the actor said about his character: “My guy is much more hands-on and among his many degrees is that he has a bedside manner that Modine’s character did not have.”


Stranger Things Season 2 Episodes

There will be nine episodes in the new season, and they are listed below. However, before you start speculating what the names of the episodes may indicate, they might be changed eventually, so don’t even bother.

1 – ‘Madmax’
2 – ‘The Boy Who Came Back to Life’
3 – ‘The Pumpkin Patch’
4 – ‘The Palace’
5 – ‘The Storm’
6 – ‘The Pollywog’
7 – ‘The Secret Cabin’
8 – ‘The Brain’
9 – ‘The Lost Brother’



The early teaser arrived in late 2016, but the first proper trailer was presented during Super Bowl LI. We can see that Eleven is back and the boys are obsessed with Ghostbusters, whereas Will is still connected to the Upside Down in some way.

Spoilers and Stories

If you don’t want to continue reading, stop here because there may be some spoilers below. For starters, this is what is known about Stranger Things season 2. The year is 1984 after the events of the first season and according to Matt Duffer “the opening scene does not take place in Hawkins.” Is this the Upside Down? Possibly.

“The Upside Down will be more of a place you’ll spend more time [there],” composer Kyle Dixon teased. And we will explore that place partly through Will, who has spent some time there. Meanwhile, Matt Duffer revealed: “He seems to be seeing images from the Upside Down – the question is whether they’re real or not. So, it seems like he’s having some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

“[The boys] feel alone because their best friend is back and he’s not acting like their best friend anymore. He’s changed,” teased Gaten Matarazzo. Harbour said: “Hop starts season 2 in a completely different place than season 1. He saved Will and has found a renewed interest in life. So his arc for season 2 in my mind becomes more about butting up against the places where his hero fantasy can’t take him. The places where that hero complex may force him to make the wrong decisions.”

“Stephen King always has really great human villains,” Matt Duffer declared. “The evil in the real world is often as bad or worse than the supernatural evil, so we wanted to introduce a character like that.” Meanwhile, Shawn Levy elaborated: “I think overall the kind of forces of evil that are inherent in season 2 make that Demogorgon look quaint in retrospect.”

This is all for now, and we will not reveal anything else. Follow us for more details.