7 Things You Can Learn From Strippers That Will Benefit Your Health


Have you been to a club with strip dancers? Maybe a friend invited you to a party where strippers were the main entertainers. You enjoyed the moment, and their performance was weird. In essence, you felt as if you are in a magician’s den. These dancers made some movements and dancing styles that left your mouth open.

What was amazing is that some had a big body, but their flexibility was on another level. You wondered how a stripper entertainer does such prolific performance without injury. But here is the secret: these dancers have a tight fitness schedule that helps them to remain fit and flexible.

Though you have no plans of becoming a stripper, you can borrow one or two things from them. Here are 7 things you can learn from a strippers that can boost your health and fitness:

Having a food diary is important


Strippers know that good health and fitness do not begin at the gym. Rather, it starts from your table. What you eat determines your health and overall body strength. A compromised diet cannot lead to better health. For this reason, observing eating habits is a central rule for all strippers.

Every stripper has a food diary. The diary dictates the kind of meal they will eat per day. Each daily recipe must contain balanced diet ingredients that move them towards their fitness goals. You, too, can learn from them.

Maintaining a food diary can ensure that you consume the right calories and nutrients that your body requires per day. If you do not know how to develop a food diary, you can consider using apps and sites such as MyFitnessPal. This way, you will consume a healthy diet and keep your body fit.

Squatting is the secret of flexible and strong legs

Do you desire to have flexible legs? You dream of having the ability to flex your legs like the stripper dancers. But you do not know how to realize this dream. What you do not know is that there is no magic behind it.

The goal is easy to achieve by performing a simple workout: squatting. The strippers strengthen their legs and make them flexible by performing several squats per day. They combine it with other leg exercises such as lunges and bicycles. These workouts can become your ritual too. By joining the squatting league, you will have strong and flexible legs like the strippers.

Yoga should be your norm


Probably, you think yoga is a practice for Asian descendants. You view it as an unnecessary practice to help you keep fit. If that is your mindset, you are wrong. Strip men and women understand the essence of yoga in enabling them to remain flexible.

In particular, Sky Strippers concentrate on hot and ashtanga yoga. Hot yoga is crucial in helping them release stress and excess water. Also, it enhances their flexibility and mindfulness, which are essential in their stage performance.

On its part, Ashtanga yoga works as a body toning workout. This yoga strengthens their body muscle. So, if you want to have well-toned and strong body muscles, you can consider making these yoga types part of your daily workouts.

Check the amount of sugar and salt you consume

Sugars and salts contain essential nutrients and components that your body needs. However, you must observe the amounts you take per day. Strippers advise you to decrease your sugar and salt consumption. You need to keep away those cookies and sweet snacks to have a flexible and fit body.

What you do not know is that excess sugar and salt are a big hindrance to your fitness. These elements cause water weight and inflammation, which affect your workout. This is why strippers avoid them.

You can borrow this habit from the strippers. Consider changing your organic sugars with natural sweeteners. The practice will help you avoid excess calories. Also, it will improve water retention. This way, you will have a hydrated and fit body like the strip dancers.

Not every diet is healthy


Do you eat anything available on your table? If so, you need to understand that not every diet fits your health. Some food compromises your health and fitness objectives. One unique aspect of strippers is that they prefer homemade dishes. These dishes have natural glucose and low sugars. With these meals, they watch their weight and body wellness.

You can copy their practice. Consider organic and raw diets such as nuts, raw fruits, and cereals. Also, you need to avoid or reduce processed food in your diet. You should only include ingredients that are beneficial to your body and avoid unnecessary calories. So, be picky when it comes to diet choices.

Self-esteem is key to fitness

Fitness is not about eating healthily and taking part in workouts. Your self-esteem also has a central role in realizing that goal. This is one of the strippers’ principles. Every stripper must cheer themselves to strengthen their self-esteem.

For instance, you will see them posting different images showcasing their body muscles and actions. These actions are not to gain fame or show off. Rather, it is part of their self-esteem building mechanism. You can copy this practice if you feel like your self-esteem is low. Be your first motivator.

Resistance workouts can make your body tough


Strippers have a tough body. They require such bodies to enable them to perform fast and exotic movements. Achieving tough bodies is not simple. It needs the strippers to take part in resistance workouts. Essentially, these workouts are daily practices. It is not a surprise to see a stripper with a resistance band wherever they go.

You can copy these workouts if you need a strong and tough body. Develop a schedule that makes resistance workouts part of your gym sessions. This way, you will achieve this objective and look like a stripper.

In a word, you now know the secrets of having a strong and flexible body. Try practicing these seven ideas and see the results.