‘Suits’ Season 7: Spoilers on the season to come and spin-off on the way


Based on the spoilers that have given much of a flavor to Suits Season 7, we have come to the conclusion that the current season will be bringing many unexpected happenings to the series. So, what does this actually refers to? To the cast members, or does it involve the storyline only? There are even rumors about the show’s spin-off.

The ending of the Season 6 was concentrated mostly on Mike Ross and his come-down. It was discovered that he presented himself falsely as a lawyer, for which reason he will be sent to prison. However, new talks suggest that he might as well be given another chance to start everything over.

He tried to defend himself in front of the ethics committee by saying that his desire actually was to become a lawyer although it was not his acquired and official title and position. Also, Jessica succeeded in helping him finally get his license. What follows in the next season is precisely the new beginning which started near the end of Season 6.

Now being formally educated, Mike is apparently going to bring many changes into the game. Having that he already had a significant influence in Season 6, he will probably have some huge impact on both the characters and the story of the series in the upcoming season.


Now, regarding the rumors about the spin-off, it seems that it is currently being developed by Aaron Korsh. The primary source and the focus of the spin-off to be is Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres in the series. At first, the initial plan was for her to be killed in the very last season of the show. However, Aaron has come up with a new scheme for Jessica. She set it out to the studio which then decided to get on board.