Super Bowl LI happened and here are the ads from it!

Super Bowl is something that only a small number of people miss out. Whether you are a sports buff, or not you probably tuned to check out one of two things (or both) – the ads that the Super Bowl features or the game. For the sake of this article lets presume you tuned to see the commercials which are featured on one of the most expensive airtime on television, and that is why companies (mostly automakers) go an extra mile to ensure that their ad is entertaining. Whether they succeeded in their intentions, you can judge from the videos we have provided for you.

Alfa Romeo

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles usually have some of the most memorable ads of Super Bowl, and this time it was no different. Their focus was set on the return of FCA’s Alfa Romeo brand, and the company brought that point through these three commercials.


This year Audi got a little political with its ad, choosing to focus on gender equality when it comes to a paycheck. But do not worry there was a car as well, in this case, the new A5 Sportback.


Buick went with a good old checked out football theme. The company recruited Cam Newton to star alongside Miranda Kerr, and the results were entertaining although a little predictable.


The Blue Oval decided to change the game slightly. Their ad isn’t about a single car, but rather about the ways in which the company, through everyday innovation and technology, helps with making lives easier for their customers. There’s even a cameo made by the new GT supercar.


Honda made their ad about chasing dreams this time, although the featured car was the CR-V. Somehow we do not believe there is that many customers out there dreaming about a new Honda CR-V.


The Korean automaker used their ad to salute the military, and in it was a simple message that’s also very popular. The only thing is, nobody is sure if it will help Hyundai make more sales.


Kia used a comedian Melissa McCarthy who is set off on a mission to save the planet. Comically, of course, she found out the hard way that it is very difficult to be an eco-warrior especially if you do not want to drive the new Kia Niro, or even if you do.


Lexus has a lot going on for them and a big year coming up with two line-topping luxury cars. One of those luxury cars is the Lexus LC, which is a star of their Super Bowl commercial together with a very flexible Lil Buck.


The ad that comes from the German company Mercedes-AMG combined the GT Roadster, a song “Born to be Wild” Peter Fonda and a bunch of bikers. Thanks to this you can immediately tell that this is a winning combo even if you are not a fan of the movie “Easy Rider.”


Tire manufacturer Michelin joined the automakers with its own ad, and the theme was the company’s dedication to safety (as always).


Toyota had a spot in this year’s Super Bowl as well, but it was only screened in California. Why? Well, it is because California is the only state where the Mirai (featured in the ad) is sold.