Super Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Ads-Bowl In The Making

Online advertisers for this year’s Super Bowl season are a happy lot, for, the King of Social Networking, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has a pre-packaged consumer line-up for them to target. Apparently, Facebook’s clinical approach to advertising has paid dividends, starting last year.

Through 2013-14, all users who liked, shared or bragged about favorite players or the games were ‘pooled’ into a special group for advertisers to interact and focus on. This year, the packaged deal is a whole-lot more sophisticated. It now includes users with specific interests.

Makings of the Facebook SuperBowl

Facebook is now grooming its own Super Bowl audience and will include the entire spectrum from game lovers to those who love the commercial’s more than the game; or just Super bowl partyers!

The audience is grouped based on their Facebook chatter and mention of ‘Arizona’ and similar keywords. While, this is the technique common to most platforms, Facebook will do this in real-time. This is because typically Facebook tags users and advertisements in a time-frame of a day or more.

The lag in tagging ads to ‘SuperBowl’ audience will be a matter of minutes, according to latest updates from the social networking site. The ‘real-time’ factor is expected to connect across users and advertisers, even if there is an encore of last year’s ‘blackout.’

Who’s looking for such an Audience?
Facebook would probably not have ventured to create an exclusive ad-targeting group, if there was no big money involved. Buying these ad-spaces on one of the most prolific social networking site are advertisers of two types, the 30-seconds spotters who are willing to spend high; and a larger group who will spend as high.

There are those who sell $4.5 million for 30 second spots during the course of the game.

There is more incentive here
Facebook Inc will not be charging super high rates for these advertisements this year. The focus is perhaps to wean advertisers from television, spending $400 million, only for the Super Bowl. Facebook with $213.99Billion market cap is not averse to revenue inflow, of course!