Superhero Comics – Biggest Things in 2016

This was a great year for superhero comics since there have been many major events and relaunches, extraordinary plot twists and some sad losses even. In the following text, we’ll list some of the major developments from DC Rebirth to Spider-Man’s Clone Conspiracy.

DC Rebirth

As we all know, DC has had a bad start this year and needed something amazing to win back fans. That’s how DC Rebirth was made, and its astonishing solution was that the DC’s most iconic heroes were revived and the sense of history and legacy was brought back. These new stories contained hope, joy and critical relationships among DC’s heroes. Owing to all these, DC Rebirth was an enormous success among the audience, as well as critics.

Spider-Man’s Great Year

Namely, there are several events which placed Spidey on the top of the industry this year. One of them was the debut of the hero’s new costume. This new outfit is said to be the most iconic superhero costume ever. Moreover, the final months of 2016 have certainly been extremely exciting. Writer Dan Slott included several major twists, such as the crossover event – The Clone Conspiracy. That’s not all, owing to the Jackal, many Peter Parker’s dead enemies and loved ones are back to life. However, even bigger development is the change of the role of the host to the Venom symbiote, which has now fallen to Lee Price.

The Debut of Young Animal

What readers really enjoyed was the debut of Young Animal, probably because of its unique approach to superhero comics. Namely, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way acts as the equivalent of a TV showrunner and supervises four books. Out of these, Doom Patrol has become an addition to DC’s lineup. Since DC work on expanding their library, Young Animal will surely be even more successful.

Civil War II

The original Civil War is still one of Marvel’s most popular event comics. Ten years after that epic crossover, it was perfect for introducing its sequel. Civil War II focused on a new ideological divide, where Marvel’s heroes were forced to pick between changing or protecting the future. It was one of the most influential stories of the years, as well as one of the top-selling comics.

Two Giants Fewer

Although we know what life circle is, this year seems to have been very cruel when it comes to the passing of celebrities and artists. Music lovers were shocked by David Bowie’s and Prince’s death, while film buffs were hit hard by the deaths of Alan Rickman and Anton Yelchin. For comic fans, the deaths of two highly influential creators were mourned – Darwyn Cooke and Steve Dillon. Cooke died of cancer at the age of 53, while Dillon passed away in October. Cooke was best known for his work on DC, whereas Dillon created Vertigo series, Preacher.