Superior SEO Marries Art and Math


Search engine optimization is one of those things that sounds like science when you try to describe it to persons unfamiliar with what it is. It is certainly true that there is plenty of math and statistical analysis involved in the process. Yet these factors are more in the line of assessing progress rather than of producing it.

Rather than SEO being an automatic formula, it is actually more of an art form. Yes, it is true that you could throw a million dollars a month into the pot and probably get your website to rank #1 in whatever category you like. Brute force can produce results, but very few people want or are able to go that far. The idea is actually to get your website to rank at an affordable price so that you could one day have a spare million dollars a month for such experiments.

You need brains as well as math to create a successful SEO campaign. After all, if everyone is following the same slavish formula, there is not going to be any relative advantage for anyone. If all boats rise or fall by using the same exact tactics, they all remain at the same level relative to each other. Instead of running with the pack, you need a campaign that is going to put you out front or allow you to reach your goal by taking a different path than what everyone else travels. You need imagination as well as a sound understanding of the mathematical underpinnings of the business.

Where does that start?

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It starts by recognizing that rigid formulae are worthless. If it were as easy as doing X,Y, and Zed every single time, the world wouldn’t need any SEO experts at all. You could find a shareware program that does the job for you at no cost whatsoever.

Browse through the websites of any SEO agency Perth has to offer, and you will find them all eerily similar. Every one of them claims to be the best. Every one of their (unnamed) competitors is someone to be wary of. They enjoin you to demand regular reports from whomever you choose and expect businesslike interaction at all times. Promising something as simple as basic bureaucratic efficiency is no way to attain creative excellence.

You don’t want reports. You want RESULTS. Anybody who is producing them will be delighted to share the news with you. Anybody who is not is going to bury you with useless avalanches of data. They hope you won’t realize what they are trying to tell you without actually, you know, telling you.

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In a game where the playing field is constantly changing and the actual rules are only known to an arcane priesthood of insiders at Google, you must have someone who keeps their eyes open at all times and can think on the fly. While there have been occasional massive changes to the algorithms, that does not mean that continuous tweaking isn’t taking place inside the machine. Whoever is doing your optimization for you needs to be attuned to these virtually undetectable alterations. They must be ready to adjust your positioning long before anyone else figures out that the game has changed.

This is, of course, where the math kicks in to support the creativity you need. If your SEO is on autopilot except at the end of the month, you are going to miss the opportunity to make adjustments until it is too late. You need someone who is going to watch all the time and then have the intuition and the initiative to adjust your campaign on the fly.

No matter what sort of SEO Perth companies are searching for, the ultimate goals remain the same. They want traffic. They want visibility. They want engagement. Most of all, they want sales. In order to achieve these goals, a holistic approach is really the best way of accomplishing it.

Enticing more people onto your site is always a good plan. This is not to say that making better use of the people who are already visitors should be overlooked. If you can get more out of them, this buys you the time you need to grow your website and bring more people into the fold.

Know that patience is a virtue. Achieving instant results is often obtained by robbing the future Peter to pay today’s Paul. Burning out your current list of visitors by bombarding them with offers is a serious turn off to many busy people. The Golden Rule still has value. Treat your people as you would like them to treat you. Build trust and loyalty with them. They will be there for you in the long run.

Try new things

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Don’t be afraid to try new things. The Internet itself was once regarded as a preposterous toy that would never challenge established business concepts. Employ the fund of knowledge built up in current best practices, but do not be afraid of going beyond that. Going viral with your website means that you need to take some chances and set yourself off from all of your more cautious competitors.

The SEO operator you want to do business with is the one who recognizes that startling originality plus good basic operating principles is the way to achieve this. Even the most revolutionary ideas found online still require a firm foundation that will allow them to reach their intended audience. Do not suppose that you can achieve your goals without a successful union of the two.