Supernatural: Season 12 continues where Season 11 left off


The fans were more than eager to see Season 12 of their favorite show Supernatural.

Season 11 ended in an unexpected way if compared to some of the previous seasons. Instead of having Winchester sacrificing for something bigger or being nearly or actually dead, we were faced with a completely different situation.

Dean found a way to get closer to Amara so as to persuade her into saving the world by reconciling with her brother (God). As a means of repayment, Mary Winchester came to life again. On the other hand, we had Sam who most likely took a shot from the Men of Letters.

Season 12 had to deal with both Mary, who is adapting to the new situation and the new world, as well as Dean who will be boarding on a mission of saving his brother from the Men of Letters.


This new season of Supernatural premiered October 13, 2016, and it will consist of 22 episodes in total. It is predicted to end on April 26, 2017.

So we are half way through the season, and there has been much of turmoil so far. Now that Mary has literally risen from the grave and Lucifer wreaking havoc, things have constantly been going up and down. Perhaps one of the best episodes is the one in which Dean copes with his memory loss. But, who knows what could happen until the end of the show, which is two months ahead of us. While there being stories about the show’s Season 13, the series will bring the fans much joy and excitement. Stay tuned!