Suzuki Vitara Commercial is The Best Car Commercial Ever – You Must Watch This

Even though we rarely post commercials of any kind and our focus is to talk about new vehicles that have either just entered the market or are going to arrive soon, this 1996 Suzuki Vitara video is something we must mention. The video contains some hilarious shots that are very creative, making this Vitara really valuable and one of the most sought out vehicles on the Internet.

Eugene Romanovsky is the man that posted this #BuyMyVitara clip which lasts for two minutes and in the beginning, we can see the vehicle driving on some country roads and dirt tracks. After that, the Vitara is successfully combating sand dunes and avalanches, and it even drives around dinosaurs.

Romanovsky is obviously very attached to this Suzuki Vitara, and it describes it as “my best friend.” His best friend is equipped with a 1.6-liter injection petrol engine that delivers 96 hp, and it is environmentally friendly because of the new exhaust converter. Furthermore, there is a manual transmission with low-range gearing and an Android media system with four-speaker audio and automatic windows.

Based on the video, the Vitara is the very best off-roader on the entire planet. The bumpy terrain is nothing compared to underwater adventures and even trips to the Moon. Of course, Vitara has never gone to the moon, but this man tried really hard to create a hilarious and successful commercial, and he managed to do it.

According to the owner, all Suzuki needs is your love and “maybe some paint.” Don’t be surprised because the 1996 Suzuki Vitara had to come back from the Moon and entering the Earth’s atmosphere could’ve knocked off a layer of paint.

Some of the shots are clearly computer-generated but don’t pay attention to it and just watch this hilarious video of the Suzuki Vitara. We loved it, and we had to share it with you.