5 Top Tips for When you Hire Tables and Chairs for Your Wedding


Let’s face it, there’s a huge amount to think about and organise when it comes to your wedding day, so it goes without saying that table and chair hire is unlikely to be at the top of your agenda. The wedding dress, cake, venue, catering, cars, flowers and other wedding services are definitely more exciting! However, when you come to hire tables and chairs for weddings, there are some tips below which will hopefully be of use to you, and will also help you to save some money in your budget.

There’s plenty of wedding table and chair hire companies across the UK, with easyEventhireUK for instance being just one of them, and so what should be looking out for?

Choose the appropriate style


First and foremost, it’s definitely NOT the case that one type of wedding chair fits every wedding venue! Consider where you are holding your wedding, and what type of furniture is going to work best. By this, we mean if it’s a stately home or country manor wedding, then classic, traditional style is probably going to work best. If it’s a modern, city centre venue such as a luxury hotel, for instance, you’ve got an opportunity to go more modern and contemporary. It’s worth noting here that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding table and chair hire London and across the UK – it’s very much the case that it’s down to individual preference.

Continuing this theme, if you’re going down the classic route, then why not check out limewash Chiavari chairs, for instance – these are the wedding chairs that you’ll see on Pinterest, Instagram and also in the glossy bridal magazines. At the same time, your wedding tables will probably need to be adorned with ivory or white tablecloths and napkins.  If it’s the modern look you’re going for, why not check out transparent ghost chairs and even dining tables that don’t need tablecloths, as they have a melamine-type surface – the combination of these tables and chairs really does provide a cutting-edge, luxury look and finish for your wedding reception.

Have you thought about your top table?


And when it comes to the tables themselves, have a think about the mix you need.  Traditionally, wedding tables will be mainly round banqueting tables for the guests, along with rectangular trestle tables for the top table and a smaller square table to hold the wedding cake. Again, there’s nothing to say that it HAS to be this arrangement, and many couples are now looking to make their wedding stand out from the crowd, and are doing things differently. At the same time, you might be restricted by the size of the event venue, and you’d get more guests into a space by using oblong tables than you do round dining tables.

That said, with many people at a wedding not actually having met before, one of the key benefits of using round tables is that they naturally provide a more social environment for guests to get to know each other, as they are all facing one another during the wedding breakfast.  You most certainly, however, need to hire trestle tables for the top table – these are typically available from most table hire companies in the UK in a variety of different sizes, and so take your pick, according to the available space and the number of immediate family, best man and bridesmaids that you have!

Colour match with your decor and styling


We’ve already mentioned limewash Chiavari chairs earlier, and these are by far the most popular wedding chairs in the UK, and globally. That said, the leading chair hire companies in this country will offer a range of different colours of Chiavari chairs from which you can make your selection, according to your colour scheme and decor. Black, gold, ghost, silver and natural wood are all examples of the different colours typically available today, and so have a think about how one of these colours might work better for your particular wedding occasion.

At the same time, don’t forget that many Chiavari chairs hire companies will be able to provide you with a range of seat pad colours to choose from as part of the price – this provides you with a great opportunity to accessorise your event furniture even more, to keep it on-colour. For Autumnal weddings, for instance, why not choose gold seat pads?  And for Christmas, how about burgundy – the world is your oyster!

Hire the right quantities!

OK, so numbers change slightly in the lead up to any event, but there’s no excuse for either not hiring enough tables and chairs, or hiring too many!  Too few and the panic is then on.  Too many and you’ve just spent money unnecessarily out of your wedding budget that could have been spent on other things.

Work with a reputable company


Once you’ve decided on style, quantities, seat pad colours and the other elements above, you then need to decide on the company from which you are going to hire tables and chairs for your wedding. You might think this is straightforward, but again there are different elements to consider. Firstly, work with a company with a local presence – in other words, it’s not located at the opposite end of the country from where you are holding your wedding. You need a local company who is able to help you out at short notice if required!  Secondly, the company needs to have the stock available in the quantities you need (always book as far in advance as possible!). And finally, you need to be confident in the fact that they are going to deliver on time, in the right quantities, and in the right place.  The last thing you need in the lead up to your special day is to be worrying about the logistics with your tables and chairs!

So, hopefully these top 5 tips will help you when the time comes to hire tables and chairs for your wedding. We’re fortunate here in the UK to have some great quality wedding furniture hire suppliers available to us at the touch of a button or at the end of the phone.

Wherever you choose to hire from, we wish you all the very best for your special day and beyond…and CONGRATULATIONS!