Tag Team Wrestling Is Again Alive On The Main Roster

Source: four3four.com

If you take a look at the tag team divisions now in the WWE, they are for sure better than they used to before the Wrestlemania 33. We were seeing the same matches all over again on the Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw. Both brands had bad divisions when it comes to this segment, but they had a different problem.

On Raw, we were seeing too many same matches over and over again while we were also watching the New Day do nothing but the comedy and promoting their merch. They weren’t even wrestling much after losing the titles to Cesaro And Sheamus.

When it comes to Smackdown Live, we haven’t had a lot of legitimate teams that we can take seriously. Yeah, American Alpha was nice, but nobody else was built up for a long time. Now, we have The Usos as heel champs, Breezango is getting their shot while the New Day is now there as well. Things are looking good for this division going forward.

Speaking of the New Day, they are soon expected to return to the action on the blue brand, and it is expected that they are going to be feuding with The Usos going into the summer. Here is what Big E thinks about the Hardys coming back and the state of the tag teams.


„I think it’s definitely heating up obviously with the addition of the Hardy Boys. That’s huge for igniting people’s passion with WWE tag team wrestling again. Also, The Revival, dastardly as they maybe, I think they are very talented. They say ’what’s old is made new’ so, they are borrowing a lot of Brainbusters from the tag team and wrestling of that age has helped them feel new.“