Teaching Around the World: An Incredible Way to Travel

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If you’re a native English speaker, you already possess a skill that countless people around the world are dying to learn. Not only does knowing how to read, write and speak in English make it easier for non-native speakers to live in English-speaking countries, it also gives them greater access to higher-paying jobs. Why not put this skill to practical use?

Read on to see how not only is teaching English abroad a wonderful thing in and of itself, it also provides a great way to travel.

Find the Right Travel Company

You want your travel experience to be as smooth as possible, and that’s why it’s important to hire the right company to help you land on your feet when you arrive. If you want to teach in a country like South Korea, the best thing to do is seek a large enough travel company that has the experience and the resources to really help you before, during and after you land.

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They should handle everything from arranging and paying for the flights, finding and paying for accommodations in a safe and convenient neighborhood, helping get you prepared to teach in a classroom, and assisting you with the transition to this new country upon arrival and periodically afterward.

You can click here to learn more about what the best travel recruiters do because not all companies are as adept at handling such matters, and you don’t want the excitement of your adventure to be lessened by having to worry about logistical problems.

Use the Foreign Country as a Travel Outpost

If you’re teaching ESL in a country like South Korea, you’ll inevitably get downtime. Maybe you’ll decide to explore the city in which you’re living, or simply take a relaxing break from work. But you can also carve out free time as a way to visit other nearby countries.

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Have you ever wanted to see Vietnam? Myanmar? Thailand? Countries that are far from North America will suddenly be comparably way closer. This means not only will flights be cheaper, but the commute takes less time each way, which means you don’t have to take off as much time from work in order to travel. Whether you want to explore the fascinating neighborhoods around the corner from you or countries around the world, both will be much easier to do when you’re teaching ESL abroad.

Connect with Locals

When you live and work in a foreign country opposed to just traveling there, you’ll come to meet all kinds of locals, and having a network of people who are plugged into the social pipeline can be beneficial in several ways.

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They can give you tips about what to do, where to eat, and you can pick their brains about the local culture and history. This goes both ways, as no doubt, they’ll be eager to learn from you as well. Of course, locals shouldn’t be seen merely as a resource — you’ll make meaningful friendships and relationships! At the heart of it, language and travel are really all about connecting with people.

If you decide to teach ESL, these experiences can be yours. All you need to do is engage the right travel company, and you’ll love how the world suddenly opens up for you.