Tech investor-billionaires join in lending help to rid San Francisco streets of tents camps

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The issue of what to do concerning the homeless population in San Francisco has been of worry among residents and many start-ups there. this challenge seems to be coming to an end as Michael Moritz and Ron Conway who are tech billionaires as well as William Oberndorf, a fund manager that is well to do have each provided the sum of $50, 000 each to help in getting rid of homeless tent cities found in San Francisco.

Others that have donated to the cause include Zach Bogue, a venture capitalist who is also a husband to Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo. He was reported to have donated $2,500.

The initiative termed Proposition Q would have authorized officials getting rid of structure from the sidewalks and tents after giving the occupants of such a written notice in 24 hours. They are not just going to eject people from such homes, but will first offer them shelter before carrying out such move. Those that oppose to the proposition said that the move would only make things harder for the homeless in the city.

The measure may prove to be a move in futility because as at August beginning, the shelter beds in the city were 1,203 and 875 people still on the waiting list.

One of such opponents, a coalition of Homelessness executive director, Jennifer Friedenbach said that getting rid of the tents as the proposition seeks to do will leave the homeless having nowhere but the cold concrete to sleep on.

They opposition is also of the opinion that the sum given by the tech investors does not represent what they are capable of giving pointing out the Moritz who gave $50, 000 is not worth anything less than $3 billion, and yet champion the cause of Proposition Q. to this allegation, Bogue dismissed as people twisting the whole issue in a way that is perverse.

Bogue who had in the past served on a homeless outreach organization called Bay Area for years said such move would only get more help for people that are homeless and getting them a more befitting home. He said that the present situation of things is not in any healthy not safe.

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Nathan Ballard who spoke on behalf of Moritz said it was only unfair to let people live in tents and on the street when there is a shelter that is readily available. He also added that Moritz and Conway joined the proposition because they want to put an end to the sufferings that such people living on the street go through.